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Referencia de la Clase AQZipReader

#include <AQZipReader.h>

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class  FileInfo

Tipos públicos

enum  Status {
  NoError, FileReadError, FileOpenError, FilePermissionsError,

Métodos públicos

 AQZipReader (const QString &fileName, uint mode=IO_ReadOnly)
 AQZipReader (QIODevice *device)
 ~AQZipReader ()
QIODevicedevice () const
bool isReadable () const
bool exists () const
QValueList< FileInfofileInfoList () const
int count () const
FileInfo entryInfoAt (int index) const
QByteArray fileData (const QString &fileName) const
bool extractAll (const QString &destinationDir) const
Status status () const
void close ()

Descripción detallada

FileInfo::filePath The full filepath inside the archive.

FileInfo::isDir A boolean type indicating if the entry is a directory.

FileInfo::isFile A boolean type, if it is one this entry is a file.

FileInfo::isSymLink A boolean type, if it is one this entry is symbolic link.

FileInfo::permissions A list of flags for the permissions of this entry.

FileInfo::crc32 The calculated checksum as a crc32 type.

FileInfo::size The total size of the unpacked content.


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The following status values are possible:

NoError No error occurred. FileReadError An error occurred when reading from the file. FileOpenError The file could not be opened. FilePermissionsError The file could not be accessed. FileError Another file error occurred.

Valores de enumeraciones:

Documentación del constructor y destructor

AQZipReader::AQZipReader ( const QString archive,
uint  mode = IO_ReadOnly 

Create a new zip archive that operates on the fileName. The file will be opened with the mode.

AQZipReader::AQZipReader ( QIODevice device) [explicit]

Create a new zip archive that operates on the archive found in device. You have to open the device previous to calling the constructor and only a device that is readable will be scanned for zip filecontent.

AQZipReader::~AQZipReader ( )


Documentación de las funciones miembro

void AQZipReader::close ( void  )

Close the zip file.

int AQZipReader::count ( ) const

Return the number of items in the zip archive.

QIODevice * AQZipReader::device ( ) const

Returns device used for reading zip archive.

AQZipReader::FileInfo AQZipReader::entryInfoAt ( int  index) const

Returns a FileInfo of an entry in the zipfile. The index is the index into the directory listing of the zipfile. Returns an invalid FileInfo if index is out of boundaries.

Ver también:
bool AQZipReader::exists ( ) const

Returns true if the file exists; otherwise returns false.

bool AQZipReader::extractAll ( const QString destinationDir) const

Extracts the full contents of the zip file into destinationDir on the local filesystem. In case writing or linking a file fails, the extraction will be aborted.

QByteArray AQZipReader::fileData ( const QString fileName) const

Fetch the file contents from the zip archive and return the uncompressed bytes.

QValueList< AQZipReader::FileInfo > AQZipReader::fileInfoList ( ) const

Returns the list of files the archive contains.

bool AQZipReader::isReadable ( ) const

Returns true if the user can read the file; otherwise returns false.

AQZipReader::Status AQZipReader::status ( void  ) const

Returns a status code indicating the first error that was met by AQZipReader, or AQZipReader::NoError if no error occurred.

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