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Referencia de la Clase EnumPopup

#include <propertyeditor.h>

Diagrama de herencias de EnumPopup
QFrame QWidget QWidget QPaintDevice QObject QPaintDevice QObject QPaintDevice QObject QPaintDevice QObject

Lista de todos los miembros.


void closed ()
void hidden ()

Métodos públicos

 EnumPopup (QWidget *parent, const char *name, WFlags f=0)
 ~EnumPopup ()
void insertEnums (QValueList< EnumItem > lst)
QValueList< EnumItemenumList () const
void closeWidget ()

Métodos protegidos

void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *e)

Documentación del constructor y destructor

EnumPopup::EnumPopup ( QWidget parent,
const char *  name,
WFlags  f = 0 
EnumPopup::~EnumPopup ( )

Documentación de las funciones miembro

void EnumPopup::closed ( ) [signal]
void EnumPopup::closeWidget ( )
QValueList< EnumItem > EnumPopup::enumList ( ) const
void EnumPopup::hidden ( ) [signal]
void EnumPopup::insertEnums ( QValueList< EnumItem lst)
void EnumPopup::keyPressEvent ( QKeyEvent e) [protected, virtual]

This event handler, for event e, can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive key press events for the widget.

A widget must call setFocusPolicy() to accept focus initially and have focus in order to receive a key press event.

If you reimplement this handler, it is very important that you explicitly ignore the event if you do not understand it, so that the widget's parent can interpret it; otherwise, the event will be implicitly accepted. Although top-level widgets are able to choose whether to accept or ignore unknown events because they have no parent widgets that could otherwise handle them, it is good practice to explicitly ignore events to make widgets as reusable as possible.

The default implementation closes popup widgets if the user presses Esc. Otherwise the event is ignored.

Ver también:
keyReleaseEvent(), QKeyEvent::ignore(), setFocusPolicy(), focusInEvent(), focusOutEvent(), event(), QKeyEvent

Reimplementado de QWidget.

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