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Referencia de la Clase MailFolder

#include <mailfolder.h>

Diagrama de herencias de MailFolder

Lista de todos los miembros.

Tipos públicos

enum  PROTOCOL { MBOX = 0, POP3, IMAP4 }
enum  TYPES {
  Normal = 100, Deleted, Drafts, Inbox,
  Outbox, Sent, Templates
enum  IMAP4_FLAGS {
  NO_FLAGS = 0, Seen = 1, Answered = 2, Flagged = 4,
  Draft = 8, Recent = 16, Delete = 32, Other = 64

Métodos públicos

 MailFolder (const QString &_storageDevice)
virtual ~MailFolder ()
void saveIndex (IndexClass *)
void saveIndex ()
QDict< IndexClass > & indexIDict ()
unsigned long getLastIndexID () const
QString getStorageDevice () const
QString name () const
virtual QString getMessagesFileName () const =0
QString getIndexFileName () const
QString getDescriptorFileName () const
int getFolderType () const
int getFolderProtocol () const
int getMessagesPlace () const
int getAccessRights () const
void setAccessRights (int access)
bool getAutoExpunge () const
int getMessageCount () const
int getUnread () const
unsigned int getPruneIndexCount () const
virtual QString createMessage (const QCString &text, const QCString &uid, const QDateTime &rcvtime, const QString &account, const MessageClass *parsedMessage=0, bool bSync=false, const unsigned flags=0)=0
virtual QString createMessage ()
virtual bool deleteMessage (IndexClass *idx)=0
virtual QString copyMessage (IndexClass *idx)=0
virtual QString moveMessage (IndexClass *idx)=0
virtual bool expunge (bool force)=0
virtual bool moveMessage (const QStringList &urls)=0
virtual bool copyMessage (const QStringList &urls)=0
virtual bool deleteMessage (const QStringList &urls)=0
virtual bool compact (unsigned level=0)
QMap< QString, QByteArrayentryCacheBlock ()
void incrementUnread ()
void decrementUnread ()
void setUnread (int _unread=0)
QStringList getEntryList (const QString url=QString::null) const
virtual void sync ()=0

Métodos públicos estáticos

static QString nextIndexID ()
static void setAutoExpunge (bool expunge=true)

Métodos protegidos

void setupFiles ()
virtual bool shouldExpunge ()=0
virtual void loadIndex ()=0
void crossReferenceIndex (IndexClass *)
void crossReferenceIndexSet (IndexClass *)
void reparentIndex (IndexClass *)
bool reparentByRelated (IndexClass *)
bool reparentBySubject (IndexClass *)
void setPruneIndexCount (unsigned int _pruneIndexCount=0)
void incrementPruneIndexCount ()
void setLastIndexID (long unsigned _lastIndexId)
void syncIndexID (IndexClass *)
bool subjectThreadMatch (QString parentSubject, QString sonSubject)
QString translateLocalMessageID (QString)

Métodos protegidos estáticos

static IndexClassfindIndex (const QString &)
static QString translateGlobalMessageID (QString)

Atributos protegidos

QDict< IndexClassindexCollection
unsigned int pruneIndexCount
QPtrList< MessageDevicesyncMessages


class IndexClass

Documentación de las enumeraciones miembro de la clase

Access rights.

Valores de enumeraciones:

The protocol flags.

Valores de enumeraciones:

Mail folder place.

Valores de enumeraciones:

Mail folder protocol types.

Valores de enumeraciones:

Local mail folder types.

Valores de enumeraciones:

Documentación del constructor y destructor

MailFolder::MailFolder ( const QString _storageDevice)
MailFolder::~MailFolder ( ) [virtual]

Documentación de las funciones miembro

bool MailFolder::compact ( unsigned  level = 0) [virtual]

Compacting the folder, level 0 is uncompressed.

virtual QString MailFolder::copyMessage ( IndexClass idx) [pure virtual]

Copy a message in this folder.

Implementado en LocalMailFolder.

virtual bool MailFolder::copyMessage ( const QStringList urls) [pure virtual]

Implementado en LocalMailFolder.

QString MailFolder::createMessage ( ) [virtual]

Add a message to the folder.

virtual QString MailFolder::createMessage ( const QCString text,
const QCString uid,
const QDateTime rcvtime,
const QString account,
const MessageClass parsedMessage = 0,
bool  bSync = false,
const unsigned  flags = 0 
) [pure virtual]

Add a message to the folder.

Implementado en LocalMailFolder.

void MailFolder::crossReferenceIndex ( IndexClass idx) [protected]

Set up related-to index id cross-references.

void MailFolder::crossReferenceIndexSet ( IndexClass idx) [protected]

Set up parent and related-to index id cross references for a branch.

void MailFolder::decrementUnread ( )

Decrement the unread messages count.

virtual bool MailFolder::deleteMessage ( IndexClass idx) [pure virtual]

Delete a message from the folder.

Implementado en LocalMailFolder.

virtual bool MailFolder::deleteMessage ( const QStringList urls) [pure virtual]

Implementado en LocalMailFolder.

QMap< QString, QByteArray > MailFolder::entryCacheBlock ( )

Folder cache.

virtual bool MailFolder::expunge ( bool  force) [pure virtual]

Expunge the folder.

Implementado en LocalMailFolder.

IndexClass * MailFolder::findIndex ( const QString id) [static, protected]

Globally search for a given index.

int MailFolder::getAccessRights ( ) const

Get the access rights.

bool MailFolder::getAutoExpunge ( ) const

Get auto expunge flag.

QString MailFolder::getDescriptorFileName ( ) const

Get the descriptor file name.

QStringList MailFolder::getEntryList ( const QString  url = QString::null) const

Get a list of folder messages id.

int MailFolder::getFolderProtocol ( ) const

Get the folder protocol.

int MailFolder::getFolderType ( ) const

Get the folder type.

QString MailFolder::getIndexFileName ( ) const

Get the index file name.

unsigned long MailFolder::getLastIndexID ( ) const

Get the last index id.

int MailFolder::getMessageCount ( ) const

Number of messages.

virtual QString MailFolder::getMessagesFileName ( ) const [pure virtual]

Get the file name with the messages.

Implementado en LocalMailFolder.

int MailFolder::getMessagesPlace ( ) const

Get the message place.

unsigned int MailFolder::getPruneIndexCount ( ) const

Get the prune index count.

QString MailFolder::getStorageDevice ( ) const

Storage device (mail folder).

int MailFolder::getUnread ( ) const

Number of unread messages.

void MailFolder::incrementPruneIndexCount ( ) [protected]

Increment the prune index count.

void MailFolder::incrementUnread ( )

Increment the unread messages count.

QDict< IndexClass > & MailFolder::indexIDict ( )

A fast and easy access way for getting the index.

virtual void MailFolder::loadIndex ( ) [protected, pure virtual]

Load the index file or build it.

virtual QString MailFolder::moveMessage ( IndexClass idx) [pure virtual]

Move a message in this folder.

Implementado en LocalMailFolder.

virtual bool MailFolder::moveMessage ( const QStringList urls) [pure virtual]

Implementado en LocalMailFolder.

QString MailFolder::name ( ) const

The mapped name of the folder.

QString MailFolder::nextIndexID ( ) [static]

Get the next index id.

bool MailFolder::reparentByRelated ( IndexClass idx) [protected]

Check for a related parent and parent index, if appropriate.

bool MailFolder::reparentBySubject ( IndexClass idx) [protected]

Check for a common subject and parent index, if appropriate.

void MailFolder::reparentIndex ( IndexClass idx) [protected]

Check for parent-son relationship and parent index, if appropriate.

void MailFolder::saveIndex ( IndexClass index)

Incremental index save.

void MailFolder::saveIndex ( )

Save index file.

void MailFolder::setAccessRights ( int  access)

Set the access rights.

void MailFolder::setAutoExpunge ( bool  expunge = true) [static]

Set auto expunge flag.

void MailFolder::setLastIndexID ( long unsigned  _lastIndexId) [protected]

Set the last index id.

void MailFolder::setPruneIndexCount ( unsigned int  _pruneIndexCount = 0) [protected]

Set the prune index count.

void MailFolder::setUnread ( int  _unread = 0)

Set the unread messages count.

void MailFolder::setupFiles ( ) [protected]

Set all the folder files name.

virtual bool MailFolder::shouldExpunge ( ) [protected, pure virtual]

Check if it needs expunge.

bool MailFolder::subjectThreadMatch ( QString  parentSubject,
QString  sonSubject 
) [protected]

Check for a common subject.

virtual void MailFolder::sync ( ) [pure virtual]

Sync the messages from the list.

Implementado en LocalMailFolder.

void MailFolder::syncIndexID ( IndexClass idx) [protected]

Sync index-message ids.

QString MailFolder::translateGlobalMessageID ( QString  messageID) [static, protected]

Translate a message id into an index id, checking all the folders.

QString MailFolder::translateLocalMessageID ( QString  messageID) [protected]

Translate a message id into an index id, checking only one folder.

Documentación de las funciones relacionadas y clases amigas

friend class IndexClass [friend]

The index class used for building the folder index.

Documentación de los datos miembro

Index dictionary for a quick data access.

unsigned int MailFolder::pruneIndexCount [protected]

Prune index count.

The message list for being created.

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