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Referencia de la Clase QSList

Native list type. Más...

#include <qstypes.h>

Lista de todos los miembros.

Métodos públicos

 QSList ()
 QSList (const QSObject &first)
 ~QSList ()
void append (const QSObject &obj)
void prepend (const QSObject &obj)
void removeFirst ()
void removeLast ()
void remove (const QSObject &obj)
void clear ()
QSListcopy () const
QSListIterator begin () const
QSListIterator end () const
bool isEmpty () const
int size () const
QSObject at (int i) const
QSObject operator[] (int i) const


class QSListIterator

Descripción detallada

Native list type.

List is a native ECMAScript type. List values are only used for intermediate results of expression evaluation and cannot be stored as properties of objects.

The list is explicitly shared. Note that while copy() returns a deep copy of the list the referenced objects are still shared.

Documentación del constructor y destructor

QSList::QSList ( ) [inline]


QSList::QSList ( const QSObject first) [inline]
QSList::~QSList ( ) [inline]


Documentación de las funciones miembro

void QSList::append ( const QSObject obj) [inline]

Append an object to the end of the list.

objPointer to object.
QSObject QSList::at ( int  i) const [inline]

Retrieve an element at an indexed position. If you want to iterate trough the whole list using QSListIterator will be faster.

iList index.
Return the element at position i. QSUndefined if the index is out of range.
QSListIterator QSList::begin ( ) const [inline]
A QSListIterator pointing to the first element.
void QSList::clear ( void  ) [inline]

Remove all elements from the list.

QSList * QSList::copy ( ) const [inline]

Returns a deep copy of the list. Ownership is passed to the user who is responsible for deleting the list then.

QSListIterator QSList::end ( ) const [inline]
A QSListIterator pointing to the last element.
bool QSList::isEmpty ( void  ) const [inline]
true if the list is empty. false otherwise.
QSObject QSList::operator[] ( int  i) const [inline]

Equivalent to at.

void QSList::prepend ( const QSObject obj) [inline]

Insert an object at the beginning of the list.

objPointer to object.
void QSList::remove ( const QSObject obj) [inline]
void QSList::removeFirst ( ) [inline]

Remove the element at the beginning of the list.

void QSList::removeLast ( ) [inline]

Remove the element at the end of the list.

int QSList::size ( ) const [inline]
the current size of the list.

Documentación de las funciones relacionadas y clases amigas

friend class QSListIterator [friend]

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