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Referencia de la Clase QSQLiteResult

#include <qsql_sqlite.h>

Diagrama de herencias de QSQLiteResult
QtSqlCachedResult QSqlResult

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Métodos públicos

 QSQLiteResult (const QSQLiteDriver *db)
 ~QSQLiteResult ()

Métodos protegidos

bool gotoNext (QtSqlCachedResult::RowCache *row)
bool reset (const QString &query)
int size ()
int numRowsAffected ()


class QSQLiteDriver
class QSQLiteResultPrivate

Documentación del constructor y destructor

QSQLiteResult::QSQLiteResult ( const QSQLiteDriver db)
QSQLiteResult::~QSQLiteResult ( )

Documentación de las funciones miembro

bool QSQLiteResult::gotoNext ( QtSqlCachedResult::RowCache row) [protected, virtual]

Implementa QtSqlCachedResult.

int QSQLiteResult::numRowsAffected ( ) [protected, virtual]

Returns the number of rows affected by the last query executed.

Implementa QSqlResult.

bool QSQLiteResult::reset ( const QString query) [protected, virtual]

Sets the result to use the SQL statement query for subsequent data retrieval. Derived classes must reimplement this function and apply the query to the database. This function is called only after the result is set to an inactive state and is positioned before the first record of the new result. Derived classes should return TRUE if the query was successful and ready to be used, or FALSE otherwise.

Implementa QSqlResult.

int QSQLiteResult::size ( ) [protected, virtual]

Returns the size of the result or -1 if it cannot be determined.

Implementa QSqlResult.

Documentación de las funciones relacionadas y clases amigas

friend class QSQLiteDriver [friend]
friend class QSQLiteResultPrivate [friend]

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