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Referencia de la Clase QSStatementNode

#include <qsnodes.h>

Diagrama de herencias de QSStatementNode
QSNode QSBreakNode QSClassDefNode QSContinueNode QSDoWhileNode QSEmptyStatementNode QSExprStatementNode QSFinallyNode QSFuncDeclNode QSFunctionBodyNode QSFunctionCallNode QSIfNode QSImportNode QSLabelNode QSPackageNode QSReturnNode QSScopeNode QSSourceElementNode QSSourceElementsNode QSStatListNode QSSwitchNode QSThrowNode QSTryNode QSVarDefNode QSWhileNode

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Métodos públicos

virtual QSObject execute (QSEnv *)=0
void check (QSCheckData *)=0
QSObject errorCompletion ()
void pushLabel (const QString &id)
, including

Resolves the globally qualified name of package / class / function resolution.

void checkIfGlobalAllowed (QSCheckData *)

Atributos protegidos

LabelStack ls

Documentación de las funciones miembro

void QSStatementNode::check ( QSCheckData ) [pure virtual]
void QSStatementNode::checkIfGlobalAllowed ( QSCheckData c)

When parsing libraries or form code we don't want to have anything but class, function and variable declarations at global level. This function is called by all other statements and will result in an error if we currently are in global level.

QSObject QSStatementNode::errorCompletion ( )
virtual QSObject QSStatementNode::execute ( QSEnv ) [pure virtual]
void QSStatementNode::pushLabel ( const QString id) [inline]

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