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Tipos públicos

enum  TextFormat { PlainText = Qt::PlainText, RichText = Qt::RichText, AutoText = Qt::AutoText, LogText = Qt::LogText }

Métodos públicos

 QSTextEdit ()
QString text () const
void setText (const QString &txt)
int textFormat () const
void setTextFormat (int textFormat)


QString text
int textFormat

Documentación de las enumeraciones miembro de la clase

This enum is used in widgets that can display both plain text and rich text, e.g. QLabel. It is used for deciding whether a text string should be interpreted as one or the other. This is normally done by passing one of the enum values to a setTextFormat() function.

PlainText The text string is interpreted as a plain text string.

RichText The text string is interpreted as a rich text string using the current QStyleSheet::defaultSheet().

AutoText The text string is interpreted as for RichText if QStyleSheet::mightBeRichText() returns TRUE, otherwise as PlainText.

LogText A special, limited text format which is only used by QTextEdit in an optimized mode.

Valores de enumeraciones:

Reimplementado de Qt.

Documentación del constructor y destructor

QSTextEdit::QSTextEdit ( ) [inline]

Documentación de las funciones miembro

void QSTextEdit::setText ( const QString txt) [inline]
void QSTextEdit::setTextFormat ( int  textFormat) [inline]
QString QSTextEdit::text ( ) const [inline]
int QSTextEdit::textFormat ( ) const [inline]

Documentación de propiedades

QString QSTextEdit::text [read, write]
int QSTextEdit::textFormat [read, write]

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