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Referencia del Archivo src/libxslt/libxslt/imports.c
#include "libxslt.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <libxml/xmlmemory.h>
#include <libxml/tree.h>
#include <libxml/hash.h>
#include <libxml/xmlerror.h>
#include <libxml/uri.h>
#include "xslt.h"
#include "xsltInternals.h"
#include "xsltutils.h"
#include "preproc.h"
#include "imports.h"
#include "documents.h"
#include "security.h"
#include "pattern.h"


#define IN_LIBXSLT


int xsltParseStylesheetImport (xsltStylesheetPtr style, xmlNodePtr cur)
int xsltParseStylesheetInclude (xsltStylesheetPtr style, xmlNodePtr cur)
xsltStylesheetPtr xsltNextImport (xsltStylesheetPtr cur)
int xsltNeedElemSpaceHandling (xsltTransformContextPtr ctxt)
int xsltFindElemSpaceHandling (xsltTransformContextPtr ctxt, xmlNodePtr node)
: the template name

xsltFindTemplate: : an XSLT transformation context

: the template name URI

Finds the named template, apply import precedence rule. REVISIT TODO: We'll change the nameURI fields of templates to be in the string dict, so if the specified is in the same dict, then use pointer comparison. Check if this can be done in a sane way. Maybe this function is not needed internally at transformation-time if we hard-wire the called templates to the caller.

Returns the xsltTemplatePtr or NULL if not found

xsltTemplatePtr xsltFindTemplate (xsltTransformContextPtr ctxt, const xmlChar *name, const xmlChar *nameURI)

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#define IN_LIBXSLT

Documentación de las funciones

int xsltFindElemSpaceHandling ( xsltTransformContextPtr  ctxt,
xmlNodePtr  node 

xsltFindElemSpaceHandling: : an XSLT transformation context : an XML node

Find strip-space or preserve-space informations for an element respect the import precedence or the wildcards

Returns 1 if space should be stripped, 0 if not, and 2 if everything should be CDTATA wrapped.

xsltTemplatePtr xsltFindTemplate ( xsltTransformContextPtr  ctxt,
const xmlChar name,
const xmlChar nameURI 
int xsltNeedElemSpaceHandling ( xsltTransformContextPtr  ctxt)

xsltNeedElemSpaceHandling: : an XSLT transformation context

Checks whether that stylesheet requires white-space stripping

Returns 1 if space should be stripped, 0 if not

xsltStylesheetPtr xsltNextImport ( xsltStylesheetPtr  cur)

xsltNextImport: : the current XSLT stylesheet

Find the next stylesheet in import precedence.

Returns the next stylesheet or NULL if it was the last one

int xsltParseStylesheetImport ( xsltStylesheetPtr  style,
xmlNodePtr  cur 

xsltParseStylesheetImport: : the XSLT stylesheet : the import element

parse an XSLT stylesheet import element

Returns 0 in case of success -1 in case of failure.

int xsltParseStylesheetInclude ( xsltStylesheetPtr  style,
xmlNodePtr  cur 

xsltParseStylesheetInclude: : the XSLT stylesheet : the include node

parse an XSLT stylesheet include element

Returns 0 in case of success -1 in case of failure

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