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Referencia de la Clase PhraseLVI

#include <phraselv.h>

Diagrama de herencias de PhraseLVI
QListViewItem Qt Qt

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Tipos públicos

enum  {
  SourceTextShown, TargetTextShown, DefinitionText, SourceTextOriginal,

Métodos públicos

 PhraseLVI (PhraseLV *parent, const Phrase &phrase, int accelKey=0)
virtual void setText (int column, const QString &text)
virtual QString key (int column, bool ascending) const
void setPhrase (const Phrase &phrase)
Phrase phrase () const
int accelKey () const

Documentación de las enumeraciones miembro de la clase

anonymous enum
Valores de enumeraciones:

Documentación del constructor y destructor

PhraseLVI::PhraseLVI ( PhraseLV parent,
const Phrase phrase,
int  accelKey = 0 

Documentación de las funciones miembro

int PhraseLVI::accelKey ( ) const [inline]
QString PhraseLVI::key ( int  column,
bool  ascending 
) const [virtual]

Returns a key that can be used for sorting by column column. The default implementation returns text(). Derived classes may also incorporate the order indicated by ascending into this key, although this is not recommended.

If you want to sort on non-alphabetical data, e.g. dates, numbers, etc., it is more efficient to reimplement compare().

Ver también:
compare(), sortChildItems()

Reimplementado de QListViewItem.

Phrase PhraseLVI::phrase ( ) const
void PhraseLVI::setPhrase ( const Phrase phrase)
void PhraseLVI::setText ( int  column,
const QString text 
) [virtual]

Sets the text in column column to text, if column is a valid column number and text is different from the existing text.

If text() has been reimplemented, this function may be a no-op.

Ver también:
text() key()

Reimplementado de QListViewItem.

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