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Métodos públicos

 Root (QListView *parent)
void setHeight (int)
void invalidateHeight ()
void setup ()
QListViewtheListView () const

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Documentación del constructor y destructor

QListViewPrivate::Root::Root ( QListView parent)

Documentación de las funciones miembro

void QListViewPrivate::Root::invalidateHeight ( ) [virtual]

Invalidates the cached total height of this item, including all open children.

Ver también:
setHeight() height() totalHeight()

Reimplementado de QListViewItem.

void QListViewPrivate::Root::setHeight ( int  height) [virtual]

Sets this item's height to height pixels. This implicitly changes totalHeight(), too.

Note that a font change causes this height to be overwritten unless you reimplement setup().

For best results in Windows style we suggest using an even number of pixels.

Ver también:
height() totalHeight() isOpen();

Reimplementado de QListViewItem.

void QListViewPrivate::Root::setup ( void  ) [virtual]

This virtual function is called before the first time QListView needs to know the height or any other graphical attribute of this object, and whenever the font, GUI style, or colors of the list view change.

The default calls widthChanged() and sets the item's height to the height of a single line of text in the list view's font. (If you use icons, multi-line text, etc., you will probably need to call setHeight() yourself or reimplement it.)

Reimplementado de QListViewItem.

QListView * QListViewPrivate::Root::theListView ( ) const

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