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Referencia de la Clase QSeparatorAction

#include <actiondnd.h>

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Métodos públicos

 QSeparatorAction (QObject *parent)
bool addTo (QWidget *w)
bool removeFrom (QWidget *w)
QWidgetwidget () const
int index () const

Documentación del constructor y destructor

QSeparatorAction::QSeparatorAction ( QObject parent)

Documentación de las funciones miembro

bool QSeparatorAction::addTo ( QWidget w) [virtual]

Adds this action to widget w.

Currently actions may be added to QToolBar and QPopupMenu widgets.

An action added to a tool bar is automatically displayed as a tool button; an action added to a pop up menu appears as a menu option.

addTo() returns TRUE if the action was added successfully and FALSE otherwise. (If w is not a QToolBar or QPopupMenu the action will not be added and FALSE will be returned.)

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Reimplementado de QAction.

int QSeparatorAction::index ( ) const
bool QSeparatorAction::removeFrom ( QWidget w) [virtual]

Removes the action from widget w.

Returns TRUE if the action was removed successfully; otherwise returns FALSE.

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Reimplementado de QAction.

QWidget * QSeparatorAction::widget ( ) const

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