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Referencia de la Clase QTabBarToolTip
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Métodos públicos

 QTabBarToolTip (QWidget *parent)
virtual ~QTabBarToolTip ()
void add (QTab *tab, const QString &tip)
void remove (QTab *tab)
QString tipForTab (QTab *tab) const

Métodos protegidos

void maybeTip (const QPoint &p)

Documentación del constructor y destructor

QTabBarToolTip::QTabBarToolTip ( QWidget parent) [inline]
virtual QTabBarToolTip::~QTabBarToolTip ( ) [inline, virtual]

Documentación de las funciones miembro

void QTabBarToolTip::add ( QTab tab,
const QString tip 
) [inline]
void QTabBarToolTip::maybeTip ( const QPoint p) [inline, protected, virtual]

This pure virtual function is half of the most versatile interface QToolTip offers.

It is called when there is a possibility that a tool tip should be shown and must decide whether there is a tool tip for the point p in the widget that this QToolTip object relates to. If so, maybeTip() must call tip() with the rectangle the tip applies to, the tip's text and optionally the QToolTipGroup details and the geometry in screen coordinates.

p is given in that widget's local coordinates. Most maybeTip() implementations will be of the form:

        if ( <something> ) {
            tip( <something>, <something> );

The first argument to tip() (a rectangle) must encompass p, i.e. the tip must apply to the current mouse position; otherwise QToolTip's operation is undefined.

Note that the tip will disappear once the mouse moves outside the rectangle you give to tip(), and will not reappear if the mouse moves back in: maybeTip() is called again instead.

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Implementa QToolTip.

void QTabBarToolTip::remove ( QTab tab) [inline]
QString QTabBarToolTip::tipForTab ( QTab tab) const [inline]

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