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Referencia de la Clase QwtRasterData

QwtRasterData defines an interface to any type of raster data. Más...

#include <qwt_raster_data.h>

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class  Contour3DPoint
class  ContourPlane

Tipos públicos

enum  ConrecAttribute { IgnoreAllVerticesOnLevel = 1, IgnoreOutOfRange = 2 }
typedef QMap< double, QwtArray
< QwtDoublePoint > > 

Métodos públicos

 QwtRasterData ()
 QwtRasterData (const QwtDoubleRect &)
virtual ~QwtRasterData ()
virtual QwtRasterDatacopy () const =0
 Clone the data.
virtual void setBoundingRect (const QwtDoubleRect &)
QwtDoubleRect boundingRect () const
virtual QSize rasterHint (const QwtDoubleRect &) const
 Find the raster of the data for an area.
virtual void initRaster (const QwtDoubleRect &, const QSize &raster)
 Initialize a raster.
virtual void discardRaster ()
 Discard a raster.
virtual double value (double x, double y) const =0
virtual QwtDoubleInterval range () const =0
virtual ContourLines contourLines (const QwtDoubleRect &rect, const QSize &raster, const QValueList< double > &levels, int flags) const

Descripción detallada

QwtRasterData defines an interface to any type of raster data.

Documentación de los 'Typedef' miembros de la clase

typedef QMap<double, QwtArray<QwtDoublePoint> > QwtRasterData::ContourLines

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Documentación del constructor y destructor

QwtRasterData::QwtRasterData ( )
QwtRasterData::QwtRasterData ( const QwtDoubleRect boundingRect)
QwtRasterData::~QwtRasterData ( ) [virtual]

Documentación de las funciones miembro

QwtDoubleRect QwtRasterData::boundingRect ( ) const
QwtRasterData::ContourLines QwtRasterData::contourLines ( const QwtDoubleRect rect,
const QSize raster,
const QValueList< double > &  levels,
int  flags 
) const [virtual]

Calculate contour lines

An adaption of CONREC, a simple contouring algorithm. http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/~pbourke/projection/conrec

virtual QwtRasterData* QwtRasterData::copy ( ) const [pure virtual]

Clone the data.

Implementado en QwtPlotSpectrogram::PrivateData::DummyData.

void QwtRasterData::discardRaster ( ) [virtual]

Discard a raster.

After the composition of an image QwtPlotSpectrogram calls discardRaster().

The default implementation does nothing, but if data has been loaded in initRaster(), it could deleted now.

Ver también:
initRaster(), value()
void QwtRasterData::initRaster ( const QwtDoubleRect ,
const QSize raster 
) [virtual]

Initialize a raster.

Before the composition of an image QwtPlotSpectrogram calls initRaster, announcing the area and its resolution that will be requested.

The default implementation does nothing, but for data sets that are stored in files, it might be good idea to reimplement initRaster, where the data is resampled and loaded into memory.

rectArea of the raster
rasterNumber of horizontal and vertical pixels
Ver también:
initRaster(), value()
virtual QwtDoubleInterval QwtRasterData::range ( ) const [pure virtual]
the range of the values

Implementado en QwtPlotSpectrogram::PrivateData::DummyData.

QSize QwtRasterData::rasterHint ( const QwtDoubleRect ) const [virtual]

Find the raster of the data for an area.

The resolution is the number of horizontal and vertical pixels that the data can return for an area. An invalid resolution indicates that the data can return values for any detail level.

The resolution will limit the size of the image that is rendered from the data. F.e. this might be important when printing a spectrogram to a A0 printer with 600 dpi.

The default implementation returns an invalid resolution (size)

rectIn most implementations the resolution of the data doesn't depend on the requested rectangle.
Resolution, as number of horizontal and vertical pixels
void QwtRasterData::setBoundingRect ( const QwtDoubleRect boundingRect) [virtual]
virtual double QwtRasterData::value ( double  x,
double  y 
) const [pure virtual]
the value at a raster position

Implementado en QwtPlotSpectrogram::PrivateData::DummyData.

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