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Referencia del Archivo src/libdigidoc/libxml2/globals.c
#include "libxml.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <libxml/globals.h>
#include <libxml/xmlmemory.h>
#include <libxml/threads.h>
#include <libxml/SAX.h>
#include "elfgcchack.h"


#define IN_LIBXML
#define IS_MAIN_THREAD   1
#define bottom_globals


void xmlInitGlobals (void)
void xmlCleanupGlobals (void)
void XMLCDECL xmlGenericErrorDefaultFunc (void *ctx ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED, const char *msg,...)
void xmlInitializeGlobalState (xmlGlobalStatePtr gs)
void xmlThrDefSetGenericErrorFunc (void *ctx, xmlGenericErrorFunc handler)
void xmlThrDefSetStructuredErrorFunc (void *ctx, xmlStructuredErrorFunc handler)
xmlRegisterNodeFunc xmlRegisterNodeDefault (xmlRegisterNodeFunc func)
xmlRegisterNodeFunc xmlThrDefRegisterNodeDefault (xmlRegisterNodeFunc func)
xmlDeregisterNodeFunc xmlDeregisterNodeDefault (xmlDeregisterNodeFunc func)
xmlDeregisterNodeFunc xmlThrDefDeregisterNodeDefault (xmlDeregisterNodeFunc func)
xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilenameFunc xmlThrDefParserInputBufferCreateFilenameDefault (xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilenameFunc func)
xmlOutputBufferCreateFilenameFunc xmlThrDefOutputBufferCreateFilenameDefault (xmlOutputBufferCreateFilenameFunc func)
xmlError__xmlLastError (void)
int__oldXMLWDcompatibility (void)
xmlBufferAllocationScheme__xmlBufferAllocScheme (void)
xmlBufferAllocationScheme xmlThrDefBufferAllocScheme (xmlBufferAllocationScheme v)
int__xmlDefaultBufferSize (void)
int xmlThrDefDefaultBufferSize (int v)
xmlSAXLocator__xmlDefaultSAXLocator (void)
int__xmlDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue (void)
int xmlThrDefDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue (int v)
xmlGenericErrorFunc * __xmlGenericError (void)
xmlStructuredErrorFunc * __xmlStructuredError (void)
void * __xmlGenericErrorContext (void)
void * __xmlStructuredErrorContext (void)
int__xmlGetWarningsDefaultValue (void)
int xmlThrDefGetWarningsDefaultValue (int v)
int__xmlIndentTreeOutput (void)
int xmlThrDefIndentTreeOutput (int v)
const char * __xmlTreeIndentString (void)
const char * xmlThrDefTreeIndentString (const char *v)
int__xmlKeepBlanksDefaultValue (void)
int xmlThrDefKeepBlanksDefaultValue (int v)
int__xmlLineNumbersDefaultValue (void)
int xmlThrDefLineNumbersDefaultValue (int v)
int__xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue (void)
int xmlThrDefLoadExtDtdDefaultValue (int v)
int__xmlParserDebugEntities (void)
int xmlThrDefParserDebugEntities (int v)
const char * __xmlParserVersion (void)
int__xmlPedanticParserDefaultValue (void)
int xmlThrDefPedanticParserDefaultValue (int v)
int__xmlSaveNoEmptyTags (void)
int xmlThrDefSaveNoEmptyTags (int v)
int__xmlSubstituteEntitiesDefaultValue (void)
int xmlThrDefSubstituteEntitiesDefaultValue (int v)
xmlRegisterNodeFunc__xmlRegisterNodeDefaultValue (void)
xmlDeregisterNodeFunc__xmlDeregisterNodeDefaultValue (void)
xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilenameFunc__xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilenameValue (void)
xmlOutputBufferCreateFilenameFunc__xmlOutputBufferCreateFilenameValue (void)


xmlFreeFunc xmlFree = (xmlFreeFunc) free
xmlMallocFunc xmlMalloc = (xmlMallocFunc) malloc
xmlMallocFunc xmlMallocAtomic = (xmlMallocFunc) malloc
xmlReallocFunc xmlRealloc = (xmlReallocFunc) realloc
xmlStrdupFunc xmlMemStrdup = (xmlStrdupFunc) xmlStrdup
xmlBufferAllocationScheme xmlBufferAllocScheme = XML_BUFFER_ALLOC_EXACT
int xmlDefaultBufferSize = BASE_BUFFER_SIZE
int oldXMLWDcompatibility = 0
int xmlParserDebugEntities = 0
int xmlDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue = 0
int xmlGetWarningsDefaultValue = 1
int xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue = 0
int xmlPedanticParserDefaultValue = 0
int xmlLineNumbersDefaultValue = 0
int xmlKeepBlanksDefaultValue = 1
int xmlSubstituteEntitiesDefaultValue = 0
xmlRegisterNodeFunc xmlRegisterNodeDefaultValue = NULL
xmlDeregisterNodeFunc xmlDeregisterNodeDefaultValue = NULL
xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilenameFunc xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilenameValue = NULL
xmlOutputBufferCreateFilenameFunc xmlOutputBufferCreateFilenameValue = NULL
xmlGenericErrorFunc xmlGenericError = xmlGenericErrorDefaultFunc
xmlStructuredErrorFunc xmlStructuredError = NULL
void * xmlGenericErrorContext = NULL
void * xmlStructuredErrorContext = NULL
xmlError xmlLastError
int xmlIndentTreeOutput = 1
const char * xmlTreeIndentString = " "
int xmlSaveNoEmptyTags = 0
xmlSAXLocator xmlDefaultSAXLocator

Documentación de los 'defines'

#define bottom_globals
#define IN_LIBXML
#define IS_MAIN_THREAD   1

Documentación de las funciones

int* __oldXMLWDcompatibility ( void  )
xmlBufferAllocationScheme* __xmlBufferAllocScheme ( void  )
int* __xmlDefaultBufferSize ( void  )
xmlSAXLocator* __xmlDefaultSAXLocator ( void  )
xmlDeregisterNodeFunc* __xmlDeregisterNodeDefaultValue ( void  )
int* __xmlDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue ( void  )
xmlGenericErrorFunc* __xmlGenericError ( void  )
void* __xmlGenericErrorContext ( void  )
int* __xmlGetWarningsDefaultValue ( void  )
int* __xmlIndentTreeOutput ( void  )
int* __xmlKeepBlanksDefaultValue ( void  )
xmlError* __xmlLastError ( void  )
int* __xmlLineNumbersDefaultValue ( void  )
int* __xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue ( void  )
xmlOutputBufferCreateFilenameFunc* __xmlOutputBufferCreateFilenameValue ( void  )
int* __xmlParserDebugEntities ( void  )
xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilenameFunc* __xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilenameValue ( void  )
const char* __xmlParserVersion ( void  )
int* __xmlPedanticParserDefaultValue ( void  )
xmlRegisterNodeFunc* __xmlRegisterNodeDefaultValue ( void  )
int* __xmlSaveNoEmptyTags ( void  )
xmlStructuredErrorFunc* __xmlStructuredError ( void  )
void* __xmlStructuredErrorContext ( void  )
int* __xmlSubstituteEntitiesDefaultValue ( void  )
const char* __xmlTreeIndentString ( void  )
void xmlCleanupGlobals ( void  )


Additional cleanup for multi-threading

xmlDeregisterNodeFunc xmlDeregisterNodeDefault ( xmlDeregisterNodeFunc  func)

xmlDeregisterNodeDefault: : function pointer to the new DeregisterNodeFunc

Registers a callback for node destruction

Returns the previous value of the deregistration function

void XMLCDECL xmlGenericErrorDefaultFunc ( void *ctx  ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED,
const char *  msg,

xmlGenericErrorDefaultFunc: : an error context : the message to display/transmit @...: extra parameters for the message display

Default handler for out of context error messages.

void xmlInitGlobals ( void  )


Additional initialisation for multi-threading

void xmlInitializeGlobalState ( xmlGlobalStatePtr  gs)

xmlInitializeGlobalState: : a pointer to a newly allocated global state

xmlInitializeGlobalState() initialize a global state with all the default values of the library.

xmlRegisterNodeFunc xmlRegisterNodeDefault ( xmlRegisterNodeFunc  func)

xmlRegisterNodeDefault: : function pointer to the new RegisterNodeFunc

Registers a callback for node creation

Returns the old value of the registration function

xmlBufferAllocationScheme xmlThrDefBufferAllocScheme ( xmlBufferAllocationScheme  v)
int xmlThrDefDefaultBufferSize ( int  v)
xmlDeregisterNodeFunc xmlThrDefDeregisterNodeDefault ( xmlDeregisterNodeFunc  func)
int xmlThrDefDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue ( int  v)
int xmlThrDefGetWarningsDefaultValue ( int  v)
int xmlThrDefIndentTreeOutput ( int  v)
int xmlThrDefKeepBlanksDefaultValue ( int  v)
int xmlThrDefLineNumbersDefaultValue ( int  v)
int xmlThrDefLoadExtDtdDefaultValue ( int  v)
xmlOutputBufferCreateFilenameFunc xmlThrDefOutputBufferCreateFilenameDefault ( xmlOutputBufferCreateFilenameFunc  func)
int xmlThrDefParserDebugEntities ( int  v)
xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilenameFunc xmlThrDefParserInputBufferCreateFilenameDefault ( xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilenameFunc  func)
int xmlThrDefPedanticParserDefaultValue ( int  v)
xmlRegisterNodeFunc xmlThrDefRegisterNodeDefault ( xmlRegisterNodeFunc  func)
int xmlThrDefSaveNoEmptyTags ( int  v)
void xmlThrDefSetGenericErrorFunc ( void *  ctx,
xmlGenericErrorFunc  handler 

DOC_DISABLE : we ignore missing doc for the xmlThrDef functions, those are really internal work

void xmlThrDefSetStructuredErrorFunc ( void *  ctx,
xmlStructuredErrorFunc  handler 
int xmlThrDefSubstituteEntitiesDefaultValue ( int  v)
const char* xmlThrDefTreeIndentString ( const char *  v)

Documentación de las variables


Global setting, DEPRECATED.


Global setting, default allocation policy for buffers, default is XML_BUFFER_ALLOC_EXACT

int xmlDefaultBufferSize = BASE_BUFFER_SIZE


Global setting, default buffer size. Default value is BASE_BUFFER_SIZE

Valor inicial:


The default SAX Locator { getPublicId, getSystemId, getLineNumber, getColumnNumber}


Global setting, indicate that the parser should work in validating mode. Disabled by default.

xmlFree: : an already allocated block of memory

The variable holding the libxml free() implementation

xmlGenericErrorFunc xmlGenericError = xmlGenericErrorDefaultFunc


Global setting: function used for generic error callbacks


Global setting passed to generic error callbacks


Global setting, indicate that the parser should provide warnings. Activated by default.


Global setting, asking the serializer to indent the output tree by default Enabled by default


Global setting, indicate that the parser should keep all blanks nodes found in the content Activated by default, this is actually needed to have the parser conformant to the XML Recommendation, however the option is kept for some applications since this was libxml1 default behaviour.


Global setting, indicate that the parser should store the line number in the content field of elements in the DOM tree. Disabled by default since this may not be safe for old classes of applicaton.


Global setting, indicate that the parser should load DTD while not validating. Disabled by default.

xmlMallocFunc xmlMalloc = (xmlMallocFunc) malloc

xmlMalloc: : the size requested in bytes

The variable holding the libxml malloc() implementation

Returns a pointer to the newly allocated block or NULL in case of error

xmlMallocFunc xmlMallocAtomic = (xmlMallocFunc) malloc

xmlMallocAtomic: : the size requested in bytes

The variable holding the libxml malloc() implementation for atomic data (i.e. blocks not containings pointers), useful when using a garbage collecting allocator.

Returns a pointer to the newly allocated block or NULL in case of error

xmlMemStrdup: : a zero terminated string

The variable holding the libxml strdup() implementation

Returns the copy of the string or NULL in case of error


Global setting, asking the parser to print out debugging informations. while handling entities. Disabled by default



Constant string describing the internal version of the library


Global setting, indicate that the parser be pedantic Disabled by default.

xmlRealloc: : an already allocated block of memory : the new size requested in bytes

The variable holding the libxml realloc() implementation

Returns a pointer to the newly reallocated block or NULL in case of error


Global setting, asking the serializer to not output empty tags as <empty> but <empty></empty>. those two forms are undistinguishable once parsed. Disabled by default

xmlStructuredErrorFunc xmlStructuredError = NULL


Global setting: function used for structured error callbacks


Global setting passed to structured error callbacks


Global setting, indicate that the parser should not generate entity references but replace them with the actual content of the entity Disabled by default, this should be activated when using XPath since the XPath data model requires entities replacement and the XPath engine does not handle entities references transparently.

const char* xmlTreeIndentString = " "


The string used to do one-level indent. By default is equal to " " (two spaces)

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