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Referencia del Archivo src/qt/include/qcanvas.h
#include "qscrollview.h"
#include "qpixmap.h"
#include "qptrlist.h"
#include "qbrush.h"
#include "qpen.h"
#include "qvaluelist.h"
#include "qpointarray.h"
#include "qwinexport.h"

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class  QCanvasItemList
 The QCanvasItemList class is a list of QCanvasItems.canvasQCanvasItemList is a QValueList of pointers to {QCanvasItem}s. This class is used by some methods in QCanvas that need to return a list of canvas items. Más...
class  QCanvasItem
 The QCanvasItem class provides an abstract graphic object on a QCanvas.canvasA variety of QCanvasItem subclasses provide immediately usable behaviour. This class is a pure abstract superclass providing the behaviour that is shared among all the concrete canvas item classes. QCanvasItem is not intended for direct subclassing. It is much easier to subclass one of its subclasses, e.g. QCanvasPolygonalItem (the commonest base class), QCanvasRectangle, QCanvasSprite, QCanvasEllipse or QCanvasText. Más...
class  QCanvas
 The QCanvas class provides a 2D area that can contain QCanvasItem objects.canvas. Más...
class  QCanvasView
 The QCanvasView class provides an on-screen view of a QCanvas.canvasA QCanvasView is widget which provides a view of a QCanvas. Más...
class  QCanvasPixmap
 The QCanvasPixmap class provides pixmaps for QCanvasSprites.canvasIf you want to show a single pixmap on a QCanvas use a QCanvasSprite with just one pixmap. Más...
class  QCanvasPixmapArray
 The QCanvasPixmapArray class provides an array of QCanvasPixmaps.canvas. Más...
class  QCanvasSprite
 The QCanvasSprite class provides an animated canvas item on a QCanvas.canvasA canvas sprite is an object which can contain any number of images (referred to as frames), only one of which is current, i.e. displayed, at any one time. The images can be passed in the constructor or set or changed later with setSequence(). If you subclass QCanvasSprite you can change the frame that is displayed periodically, e.g. whenever QCanvasItem::advance(1) is called to create the effect of animation. Más...
class  QCanvasPolygonalItem
 The QCanvasPolygonalItem class provides a polygonal canvas item on a QCanvas.canvasThe mostly rectangular classes, such as QCanvasSprite and QCanvasText, use the object's bounding rectangle for movement, repainting and collision calculations. For most other items, the bounding rectangle can be far too large -- a diagonal line being the worst case, and there are many other cases which are also bad. QCanvasPolygonalItem provides polygon-based bounding rectangle handling, etc., which is much faster for non-rectangular items. Más...
class  QCanvasRectangle
 The QCanvasRectangle class provides a rectangle on a QCanvas.canvasThis item paints a single rectangle which may have any pen() and brush(), but may not be tilted/rotated. For rotated rectangles, use QCanvasPolygon. Más...
class  QCanvasPolygon
 The QCanvasPolygon class provides a polygon on a QCanvas.canvasPaints a polygon with a QBrush. The polygon's points can be set in the constructor or set or changed later using setPoints(). Use points() to retrieve the points, or areaPoints() to retrieve the points relative to the canvas's origin. Más...
class  QCanvasSpline
 The QCanvasSpline class provides multi-bezier splines on a QCanvas.canvasA QCanvasSpline is a sequence of 4-point bezier curves joined together to make a curved shape. Más...
class  QCanvasLine
 The QCanvasLine class provides a line on a QCanvas.canvasThe line inherits functionality from QCanvasPolygonalItem, for example the setPen() function. The start and end points of the line are set with setPoints(). Más...
class  QCanvasEllipse
 The QCanvasEllipse class provides an ellipse or ellipse segment on a QCanvas.canvasA canvas item that paints an ellipse or ellipse segment with a QBrush. The ellipse's height, width, start angle and angle length can be set at construction time. The size can be changed at runtime with setSize(), and the angles can be changed (if you're displaying an ellipse segment rather than a whole ellipse) with setAngles(). Más...
class  QCanvasText
 The QCanvasText class provides a text object on a QCanvas.canvasA canvas text item has text with font, color and alignment attributes. The text and font can be set in the constructor or set or changed later with setText() and setFont(). The color is set with setColor() and the alignment with setTextFlags(). The text item's bounding rectangle is retrieved with boundingRect(). Más...



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