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Referencia de la Estructura _xmlParserCtxt

#include <parser.h>

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Atributos públicos

struct _xmlSAXHandlersax
void * userData
xmlDocPtr myDoc
int wellFormed
int replaceEntities
const xmlCharversion
const xmlCharencoding
int standalone
int html
xmlParserInputPtr input
int inputNr
int inputMax
xmlNodePtr node
int nodeNr
int nodeMax
int record_info
xmlParserNodeInfoSeq node_seq
int errNo
int hasExternalSubset
int hasPErefs
int external
int valid
int validate
xmlValidCtxt vctxt
xmlParserInputState instate
int token
char * directory
const xmlCharname
int nameNr
int nameMax
const xmlCharnameTab
long nbChars
long checkIndex
int keepBlanks
int disableSAX
int inSubset
const xmlCharintSubName
int spaceNr
int spaceMax
int depth
xmlParserInputPtr entity
int charset
int nodelen
int nodemem
int pedantic
void * _private
int loadsubset
int linenumbers
void * catalogs
int recovery
int progressive
xmlDictPtr dict
const xmlCharatts
int maxatts
int docdict
const xmlCharstr_xml
const xmlCharstr_xmlns
const xmlCharstr_xml_ns
int sax2
int nsNr
int nsMax
const xmlCharnsTab
void * pushTab
xmlHashTablePtr attsDefault
xmlHashTablePtr attsSpecial
int nsWellFormed
int options
int dictNames
int freeElemsNr
xmlNodePtr freeElems
int freeAttrsNr
xmlAttrPtr freeAttrs
xmlError lastError
xmlParserMode parseMode
unsigned long nbentities
unsigned long sizeentities
int nodeInfoNr
int nodeInfoMax

Descripción detallada


The parser context. NOTE This doesn't completely define the parser state, the (current ?) design of the parser uses recursive function calls since this allow and easy mapping from the production rules of the specification to the actual code. The drawback is that the actual function call also reflect the parser state. However most of the parsing routines takes as the only argument the parser context pointer, so migrating to a state based parser for progressive parsing shouldn't be too hard.

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