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Referencia de la Clase AQSWrapperFactory

#include <AQSWrapperFactory.h>

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Métodos públicos

 AQSWrapperFactory ()
 ~AQSWrapperFactory ()
QObjectcreate (const QString &className, void *ptr)

Métodos públicos estáticos

static QObjectstaticCreate (const QString &className, void *ptr)

Documentación del constructor y destructor

AQSWrapperFactory::AQSWrapperFactory ( )
AQSWrapperFactory::~AQSWrapperFactory ( )

Documentación de las funciones miembro

QObject * AQSWrapperFactory::create ( const QString className,
void *  ptr 
) [virtual]

This function is called by the Qt Script interpreter to request a wrapper for the type className. ptr is a pointer to the instance of the type className. The ptr will be passed to its related wrapper function and an instance of the wrapper will be returned.

Reimplement this function to make your wrappers available from your wrapper factory.

If ptr is invalid or any other invalid operation occurs, you can use throwError() to issue a Qt Script error.

Implementa QSWrapperFactory.

QObject * AQSWrapperFactory::staticCreate ( const QString className,
void *  ptr 
) [static]

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