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Referencia de la Clase HierarchyItem

#include <hierarchyview.h>

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QListViewItem Qt Qt

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Tipos públicos

enum  Type {
  Widget, SlotParent, SlotPublic, SlotProtected,
  SlotPrivate, Slot, DefinitionParent, Definition,
  Event, EventFunction, FunctParent, FunctPublic,
  FunctProtected, FunctPrivate, Function, VarParent,
  VarPublic, VarProtected, VarPrivate, Variable

Métodos públicos

 HierarchyItem (Type type, QListViewItem *parent, QListViewItem *after, const QString &txt1, const QString &txt2, const QString &txt3)
 HierarchyItem (Type type, QListView *parent, QListViewItem *after, const QString &txt1, const QString &txt2, const QString &txt3)
void paintCell (QPainter *p, const QColorGroup &cg, int column, int width, int align)
void updateBackColor ()
void setObject (QObject *o)
QObjectobject () const
void setText (int col, const QString &txt)
int rtti () const

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Valores de enumeraciones:

Documentación del constructor y destructor

HierarchyItem::HierarchyItem ( Type  type,
QListViewItem parent,
QListViewItem after,
const QString txt1,
const QString txt2,
const QString txt3 
HierarchyItem::HierarchyItem ( Type  type,
QListView parent,
QListViewItem after,
const QString txt1,
const QString txt2,
const QString txt3 

Documentación de las funciones miembro

QObject * HierarchyItem::object ( ) const
void HierarchyItem::paintCell ( QPainter p,
const QColorGroup cg,
int  column,
int  width,
int  align 
) [virtual]

This virtual function paints the contents of one column of an item and aligns it as described by align.

p is a QPainter open on the relevant paint device. p is translated so (0, 0) is the top-left pixel in the cell and width-1, height()-1 is the bottom-right pixel in the cell. The other properties of p (pen, brush, etc) are undefined. cg is the color group to use. column is the logical column number within the item that is to be painted; 0 is the column which may contain a tree.

This function may use QListView::itemMargin() for readability spacing on the left and right sides of data such as text, and should honor isSelected() and QListView::allColumnsShowFocus().

If you reimplement this function, you should also reimplement width().

The rectangle to be painted is in an undefined state when this function is called, so you must draw on all the pixels. The painter p has the right font on entry.

Ver también:
paintBranches(), QListView::drawContentsOffset()

Reimplementado de QListViewItem.

int HierarchyItem::rtti ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Returns 0.

Make your derived classes return their own values for rtti(), so that you can distinguish between different kinds of list view items. You should use values greater than 1000 to allow for extensions to this class.

Reimplementado de QListViewItem.

void HierarchyItem::setObject ( QObject o)
void HierarchyItem::setText ( int  column,
const QString text 
) [inline, virtual]

Sets the text in column column to text, if column is a valid column number and text is different from the existing text.

If text() has been reimplemented, this function may be a no-op.

Ver también:
text() key()

Reimplementado de QListViewItem.

void HierarchyItem::updateBackColor ( )

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