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Referencia de la Clase QSFuncRefClass

#include <qsfuncref.h>

Diagrama de herencias de QSFuncRefClass
QSSharedClass QSClass

Lista de todos los miembros.

Métodos públicos

 QSFuncRefClass (QSClass *b)
QString name () const
virtual QSEqualsResult isEqual (const QSObject &a, const QSObject &b) const
bool toBoolean (const QSObject *) const
double toNumber (const QSObject *obj) const
QString toString (const QSObject *) const
QSObject construct (const QSList &args) const
QSObject cast (const QSList &args) const
QSObject createReference (const QSObject &base, const QSMember &mem) const

Métodos públicos estáticos

static QSMember refMember (const QSObject &ref)
static ScopeChain refScope (const QSObject &ref)
static QSObject refBase (const QSObject &ref)

Métodos protegidos

virtual QSObject invoke (QSObject *objPtr, const QSMember &mem) const

Documentación del constructor y destructor

QSFuncRefClass::QSFuncRefClass ( QSClass b) [inline]

Documentación de las funciones miembro

QSObject QSFuncRefClass::cast ( const QSList args) const [virtual]

Reimplementado de QSClass.

QSObject QSFuncRefClass::construct ( const QSList args) const [virtual]

Reimplementado de QSClass.

QSObject QSFuncRefClass::createReference ( const QSObject base,
const QSMember mem 
) const
QSObject QSFuncRefClass::invoke ( QSObject objPtr,
const QSMember mem 
) const [protected, virtual]

Reimplementado de QSClass.

QSEqualsResult QSFuncRefClass::isEqual ( const QSObject a,
const QSObject b 
) const [virtual]

Checks if the two objects are equal. Returns positive if equal, 0 if not equal and negative if the class is unable to determine.

Reimplementado de QSClass.

QString QSFuncRefClass::name ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Implementa QSClass.

QSObject QSFuncRefClass::refBase ( const QSObject ref) [static]
QSMember QSFuncRefClass::refMember ( const QSObject ref) [static]
ScopeChain QSFuncRefClass::refScope ( const QSObject ref) [static]
bool QSFuncRefClass::toBoolean ( const QSObject obj) const [virtual]

Returns obj converted to a boolean value.

The default implementation returns TRUE.

Reimplementado de QSClass.

double QSFuncRefClass::toNumber ( const QSObject obj) const [virtual]

Return obj converted to a floating point number; NaN if the conversion failed.

The default implementation returns NaN.

Reimplementado de QSClass.

QString QSFuncRefClass::toString ( const QSObject obj) const [virtual]

Return obj converted to a string.

The default implementation returns "[object N]" where N is the name of this class as retrieved by name().

Reimplementado de QSClass.

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