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Referencia de la Clase ShortcutHandler

#include <shortcuthandler.h>

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Métodos públicos

 ShortcutHandler (QObject *parent=0)
virtual ~ShortcutHandler ()
bool hasSeenAlt (const QWidget *widget) const
bool isAltDown () const
bool showShortcut (const QWidget *widget) const

Métodos protegidos

void updateWidget (QWidget *w)
void setSeenAlt (QWidget *w)
bool eventFilter (QObject *watched, QEvent *event)

Documentación del constructor y destructor

ShortcutHandler::ShortcutHandler ( QObject parent = 0) [explicit]
ShortcutHandler::~ShortcutHandler ( ) [virtual]

Documentación de las funciones miembro

bool ShortcutHandler::eventFilter ( QObject ,
) [protected, virtual]

Filters events if this object has been installed as an event filter for the watched object.

In your reimplementation of this function, if you want to filter the event e, out, i.e. stop it being handled further, return TRUE; otherwise return FALSE.


    class MyMainWindow : public QMainWindow
        MyMainWindow( QWidget *parent = 0, const char *name = 0 );

        bool eventFilter( QObject *obj, QEvent *ev );

        QTextEdit *textEdit;

    MyMainWindow::MyMainWindow( QWidget *parent, const char *name )
        : QMainWindow( parent, name )
        textEdit = new QTextEdit( this );
        setCentralWidget( textEdit );
        textEdit->installEventFilter( this );

    bool MyMainWindow::eventFilter( QObject *obj, QEvent *ev )
        if ( obj == textEdit ) {
            if ( e->type() == QEvent::KeyPress ) {
                QKeyEvent *k = (QKeyEvent*)ev;
                qDebug( "Ate key press %d", k->key() );
                return TRUE;
            } else {
                return FALSE;
        } else {
            // pass the event on to the parent class
            return QMainWindow::eventFilter( obj, ev );

Notice in the example above that unhandled events are passed to the base class's eventFilter() function, since the base class might have reimplemented eventFilter() for its own internal purposes.

If you delete the receiver object in this function, be sure to return TRUE. Otherwise, Qt will forward the event to the deleted object and the program might crash.
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bool ShortcutHandler::hasSeenAlt ( const QWidget widget) const
bool ShortcutHandler::isAltDown ( ) const [inline]
void ShortcutHandler::setSeenAlt ( QWidget w) [protected]
bool ShortcutHandler::showShortcut ( const QWidget widget) const
void ShortcutHandler::updateWidget ( QWidget w) [protected]

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