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Referencia de la Clase TimerObject
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Métodos públicos

 TimerObject (QObject *parent=0, const char *name=0)

Métodos públicos estáticos

static int setTimer (const QSObject &interval, const QSObject &func)
static void stopTimer (const QSObject &id)
static void stopTimers ()

Métodos protegidos

void timerEvent (QTimerEvent *)

Documentación del constructor y destructor

TimerObject::TimerObject ( QObject parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0 
) [inline]

Documentación de las funciones miembro

int TimerObject::setTimer ( const QSObject interval,
const QSObject func 
) [static]

Starts a timer with the specified interval that will call a function named handler each time it fires. This function returns an identifier for the started timer or -1 if the arguments were invalid.

void TimerObject::stopTimer ( const QSObject id) [static]
void TimerObject::stopTimers ( ) [static]
void TimerObject::timerEvent ( QTimerEvent ) [protected, virtual]

This event handler can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive timer events for the object.

QTimer provides a higher-level interface to the timer functionality, and also more general information about timers.

Ver también:
startTimer(), killTimer(), killTimers(), event()

Reimplementado de QObject.

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