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Referencia de la Clase QSArrayClass

#include <qsarray_object.h>

Diagrama de herencias de QSArrayClass
QSWritableClass QSSharedClass QSClass

Lista de todos los miembros.

Métodos públicos

 QSArrayClass (QSClass *b)
QString name () const
QString toString (const QSObject *) const
QSObject toPrimitive (const QSObject *obj, const QSClass *cl) const
QVariant toVariant (const QSObject *obj, QVariant::Type) const
QSObject construct (const QSList &args) const
QSObject cast (const QSList &args) const
virtual void write (QSObject *objPtr, const QSMember &mem, const QSObject &val) const

Métodos públicos estáticos

static uint length (const QSObject *)
static void setLength (QSObject *, uint l)
static QString joinInternal (const QSObject &obj, const QString &sep)
static QSObject concat (QSEnv *)
static QSObject join (QSEnv *)
static QSObject pop (QSEnv *)
static QSObject push (QSEnv *)
static QSObject reverse (QSEnv *)
static QSObject shift (QSEnv *)
static QSObject slice (QSEnv *)
static QSObject sort (QSEnv *)
static QSObject splice (QSEnv *)
static QSObject unshift (QSEnv *)

Documentación del constructor y destructor

QSArrayClass::QSArrayClass ( QSClass b)

Documentación de las funciones miembro

QSObject QSArrayClass::cast ( const QSList args) const [virtual]

Reimplementado de QSClass.

QSObject QSArrayClass::concat ( QSEnv env) [static]
QSObject QSArrayClass::construct ( const QSList args) const [virtual]

Reimplementado de QSClass.

QSObject QSArrayClass::join ( QSEnv env) [static]

Returns a string contain all elements of array o joined by the first element in args or ',' if unspecified.

QString QSArrayClass::joinInternal ( const QSObject obj,
const QString sep 
) [static]

Returns a string concatenating all members of this array seperated by sep.

uint QSArrayClass::length ( const QSObject a) [static]

Returns the length of array object a.

QString QSArrayClass::name ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Implementa QSClass.

QSObject QSArrayClass::pop ( QSEnv env) [static]

Pop the last element of array o and return it. Returns undefined in case the array is empty.

QSObject QSArrayClass::push ( QSEnv env) [static]

Push all args to the end of array o.

QSObject QSArrayClass::reverse ( QSEnv env) [static]

Reverse the order of elements in array o and return the array.

void QSArrayClass::setLength ( QSObject a,
uint  l 
) [static]

Sets the length property of array object a to l.

QSObject QSArrayClass::shift ( QSEnv env) [static]

Removes the first element from array o and returns it.

QSObject QSArrayClass::slice ( QSEnv env) [static]

Returns the elements args[0] up to (but excluding) args[1] from array o. ### meaning of negative indices

QSObject QSArrayClass::sort ( QSEnv env) [static]

Sort the array o. If an argument is given it is used as a compare function.

QSObject QSArrayClass::splice ( QSEnv env) [static]

Array.splice(start, deleteCount [,item1 [,item2 [, ...]]]) deleteCount elements of array o at index start are replaced by the following arguments.

QSObject QSArrayClass::toPrimitive ( const QSObject obj,
const QSClass cl 
) const [virtual]

Reimplementado de QSClass.

QString QSArrayClass::toString ( const QSObject obj) const [virtual]

Equivalent to join() with a "," seperator.

Reimplementado de QSClass.

QVariant QSArrayClass::toVariant ( const QSObject obj,
QVariant::Type  pref 
) const [virtual]

Convert obj to an equivalent QVariant. The default implementation returns in invalid QVariant which may also be the case where no mapping for an equivalent type exists.

Reimplementado de QSClass.

QSObject QSArrayClass::unshift ( QSEnv env) [static]

Prepend each element to the array o preserving order.

void QSArrayClass::write ( QSObject objPtr,
const QSMember mem,
const QSObject val 
) const [virtual]

Reimplementado de QSWritableClass.

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