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Referencia de la Clase SourceEditor

#include <sourceeditor.h>

Diagrama de herencias de SourceEditor
QVBox QHBox QHBox QFrame QFrame QFrame QFrame QWidget QWidget QWidget QWidget QWidget QWidget QWidget QWidget

Lista de todos los miembros.

Métodos públicos

 SourceEditor (QWidget *parent, EditorInterface *iface, LanguageInterface *liface)
 ~SourceEditor ()
void setObject (QObject *fw, Project *p)
QObjectobject () const
Projectproject () const
void setFunction (const QString &func, const QString &clss=QString::null)
void setClass (const QString &clss)
void save ()
bool saveAs ()
void setModified (bool b)
bool isModified () const
QString language () const
void setLanguage (const QString &l)
void editCut ()
void editCopy ()
void editPaste ()
bool editIsUndoAvailable ()
bool editIsRedoAvailable ()
void editUndo ()
void editRedo ()
void editSelectAll ()
void configChanged ()
void refresh (bool allowSave)
void resetContext ()
EditorInterfaceeditorInterface () const
void setFocus ()
int numLines () const
void saveBreakPoints ()
void clearStep ()
void clearStackFrame ()
void resetBreakPoints ()
QString text () const
void checkTimeStamp ()
SourceFilesourceFile () const
FormWindowformWindow () const

Métodos públicos estáticos

static QString sourceOfObject (QObject *fw, const QString &lang, EditorInterface *iface, LanguageInterface *lIface)

Métodos protegidos

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)

Documentación del constructor y destructor

SourceEditor::SourceEditor ( QWidget parent,
EditorInterface iface,
LanguageInterface liface 
SourceEditor::~SourceEditor ( )

Documentación de las funciones miembro

void SourceEditor::checkTimeStamp ( )
void SourceEditor::clearStackFrame ( )
void SourceEditor::clearStep ( )
void SourceEditor::closeEvent ( QCloseEvent e) [protected, virtual]

This event handler, for event e, can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive widget close events.

The default implementation calls e->accept(), which hides this widget. See the QCloseEvent documentation for more details.

Ver también:
event(), hide(), close(), QCloseEvent

Reimplementado de QWidget.

void SourceEditor::configChanged ( )
void SourceEditor::editCopy ( )
void SourceEditor::editCut ( )
bool SourceEditor::editIsRedoAvailable ( )
bool SourceEditor::editIsUndoAvailable ( )
EditorInterface* SourceEditor::editorInterface ( ) const [inline]
void SourceEditor::editPaste ( )
void SourceEditor::editRedo ( )
void SourceEditor::editSelectAll ( )
void SourceEditor::editUndo ( )
FormWindow * SourceEditor::formWindow ( ) const
bool SourceEditor::isModified ( ) const
QString SourceEditor::language ( ) const
int SourceEditor::numLines ( ) const
QObject* SourceEditor::object ( ) const [inline]
Project* SourceEditor::project ( ) const [inline]
void SourceEditor::refresh ( bool  allowSave)
void SourceEditor::resetBreakPoints ( )
void SourceEditor::resetContext ( )
void SourceEditor::save ( )
bool SourceEditor::saveAs ( )
void SourceEditor::saveBreakPoints ( )
void SourceEditor::setClass ( const QString clss)
void SourceEditor::setFocus ( ) [virtual]

Gives the keyboard input focus to this widget (or its focus proxy) if this widget or one of its parents is the active window.

First, a focus out event is sent to the focus widget (if any) to tell it that it is about to lose the focus. Then a focus in event is sent to this widget to tell it that it just received the focus. (Nothing happens if the focus in and focus out widgets are the same.)

setFocus() gives focus to a widget regardless of its focus policy, but does not clear any keyboard grab (see grabKeyboard()).

Be aware that if the widget is hidden, it will not accept focus.

If you call setFocus() in a function which may itself be called from focusOutEvent() or focusInEvent(), you may get an infinite recursion.
Ver también:
hasFocus() clearFocus() focusInEvent() focusOutEvent() setFocusPolicy() QApplication::focusWidget() grabKeyboard() grabMouse()

Reimplementado de QWidget.

void SourceEditor::setFunction ( const QString func,
const QString clss = QString::null 
void SourceEditor::setLanguage ( const QString l)
void SourceEditor::setModified ( bool  b)
void SourceEditor::setObject ( QObject fw,
Project p 
SourceFile * SourceEditor::sourceFile ( ) const
QString SourceEditor::sourceOfObject ( QObject fw,
const QString lang,
EditorInterface iface,
LanguageInterface lIface 
) [static]
QString SourceEditor::text ( ) const

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