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Referencia de la Clase FormWindow

Editor window for a form. Más...

#include <formwindow.h>

Diagrama de herencias de FormWindow
QWidget QObject QPaintDevice QObject QPaintDevice Qt Qt Qt Qt

Lista de todos los miembros.

Slots públicos

virtual void widgetChanged (QObject *w)
virtual void currentToolChanged ()
virtual void visibilityChanged ()
virtual void modificationChanged (bool m)


void showProperties (QObject *w)
void updateProperties (QObject *w)
void undoRedoChanged (bool undoAvailable, bool redoAvailable, const QString &undoCmd, const QString &redoCmd)
void selectionChanged ()
void modificationChanged (bool m, FormWindow *fw)
void modificationChanged (bool m, const QString &s)
void fileNameChanged (const QString &s, FormWindow *fw)

Métodos públicos

 FormWindow (FormFile *f, MainWindow *mw, QWidget *parent, const char *name=0)
 FormWindow (FormFile *f, QWidget *parent, const char *name=0)
 ~FormWindow ()
void init ()
virtual void setMainWindow (MainWindow *w)
virtual QString fileName () const
virtual void setFileName (const QString &fn)
virtual QPoint grid () const
virtual QPoint gridPoint (const QPoint &p)
virtual CommandHistorycommandHistory ()
virtual void undo ()
virtual void redo ()
virtual QString copy ()
virtual void paste (const QString &cb, QWidget *parent)
virtual void lowerWidgets ()
virtual void raiseWidgets ()
virtual void checkAccels ()
virtual void layoutHorizontal ()
virtual void layoutVertical ()
virtual void layoutHorizontalSplit ()
virtual void layoutVerticalSplit ()
virtual void layoutGrid ()
virtual void layoutHorizontalContainer (QWidget *w)
virtual void layoutVerticalContainer (QWidget *w)
virtual void layoutGridContainer (QWidget *w)
virtual void breakLayout (QWidget *w)
virtual void selectWidget (QObject *w, bool select=TRUE)
virtual void selectAll ()
virtual void updateSelection (QWidget *w)
virtual void raiseSelection (QWidget *w)
virtual void repaintSelection (QWidget *w)
virtual void clearSelection (bool changePropertyDisplay=TRUE)
virtual void selectWidgets ()
bool isWidgetSelected (QObject *w)
virtual void updateChildSelections (QWidget *w)
virtual void raiseChildSelections (QWidget *w)
virtual void emitUpdateProperties (QObject *w)
virtual void emitShowProperties (QObject *w=0)
virtual void emitSelectionChanged ()
virtual void setPropertyShowingBlocked (bool b)
bool isPropertyShowingBlocked () const
virtual QLabelsizePreview () const
virtual void checkPreviewGeometry (QRect &r)
virtual QPtrDict< QWidget > * widgets ()
virtual QWidgetList selectedWidgets () const
virtual QWidgetdesignerWidget (QObject *o) const
virtual void handleContextMenu (QContextMenuEvent *e, QWidget *w)
virtual void handleMousePress (QMouseEvent *e, QWidget *w)
virtual void handleMouseRelease (QMouseEvent *e, QWidget *w)
virtual void handleMouseDblClick (QMouseEvent *e, QWidget *w)
virtual void handleMouseMove (QMouseEvent *e, QWidget *w)
virtual void handleKeyPress (QKeyEvent *e, QWidget *w)
virtual void handleKeyRelease (QKeyEvent *e, QWidget *w)
virtual void updateUndoInfo ()
virtual MainWindowmainWindow () const
bool checkCustomWidgets ()
virtual void insertWidget (QWidget *w, bool checkName=FALSE)
virtual void removeWidget (QWidget *w)
virtual void deleteWidgets ()
virtual void editAdjustSize ()
virtual void editConnections ()
virtual int numSelectedWidgets () const
virtual int numVisibleWidgets () const
virtual bool hasInsertedChildren (QWidget *w) const
virtual QWidgetcurrentWidget () const
virtual bool unify (QObject *w, QString &s, bool changeIt)
virtual bool isCustomWidgetUsed (MetaDataBase::CustomWidget *w)
virtual bool isDatabaseWidgetUsed () const
virtual bool isDatabaseAware () const
virtual QPoint mapToForm (const QWidget *w, const QPoint &) const
bool isMainContainer (QObject *w) const
bool isCentralWidget (QObject *w) const
QWidgetmainContainer () const
void setMainContainer (QWidget *w)
void paintGrid (QWidget *w, QPaintEvent *e)
bool savePixmapInline () const
QString pixmapLoaderFunction () const
void setSavePixmapInline (bool b)
void setPixmapLoaderFunction (const QString &func)
bool savePixmapInProject () const
void setSavePixmapInProject (bool b)
void setToolFixed ()
void setActiveObject (QObject *o)
QPtrList< QAction > & actionList ()
QActionfindAction (const QString &name)
void setProject (Project *pro)
Projectproject () const
void killAccels (QObject *top)
DesignerFormWindowiFace ()
int layoutDefaultSpacing () const
int layoutDefaultMargin () const
void setLayoutDefaultSpacing (int s)
void setLayoutDefaultMargin (int s)
QString spacingFunction () const
QString marginFunction () const
void setSpacingFunction (const QString &func)
void setMarginFunction (const QString &func)
bool hasLayoutFunctions () const
void hasLayoutFunctions (bool b)
void initSlots ()
FormFileformFile () const
void setFormFile (FormFile *f)
bool isFake () const
bool canBeBuddy (const QWidget *) const

Métodos protegidos

virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)
virtual void focusInEvent (QFocusEvent *e)
virtual void focusOutEvent (QFocusEvent *e)
virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *e)
void mouseDoubleClickEvent (QMouseEvent *e)


QString fileName

Descripción detallada

Editor window for a form.

The FormWindow is the widget which is used as editor for forms. It handles inserting, deleting, moving, resizing, etc. of widgets.

Normally multiple formwindows are used at the same time in the Designer. So each formwindow has its own undo/redo buffer, etc.

Also the formwindow has some signals to inform e.g. about selection changes which is interesting for the PropertyEditor.

For handling the events of the child widgets (moving, etc.) the handleMousePress(), etc. functions are called from the application event filter which is implemented in MainWindow::eventFilter().

Documentación del constructor y destructor

FormWindow::FormWindow ( FormFile f,
MainWindow mw,
QWidget parent,
const char *  name = 0 
FormWindow::FormWindow ( FormFile f,
QWidget parent,
const char *  name = 0 
FormWindow::~FormWindow ( )

Documentación de las funciones miembro

QPtrList<QAction>& FormWindow::actionList ( ) [inline]
void FormWindow::breakLayout ( QWidget w) [virtual]
bool FormWindow::canBeBuddy ( const QWidget w) const
void FormWindow::checkAccels ( ) [virtual]
bool FormWindow::checkCustomWidgets ( )
void FormWindow::checkPreviewGeometry ( QRect r) [virtual]
void FormWindow::clearSelection ( bool  changePropertyDisplay = TRUE) [virtual]
void FormWindow::closeEvent ( QCloseEvent e) [protected, virtual]

This event handler, for event e, can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive widget close events.

The default implementation calls e->accept(), which hides this widget. See the QCloseEvent documentation for more details.

Ver también:
event(), hide(), close(), QCloseEvent

Reimplementado de QWidget.

CommandHistory * FormWindow::commandHistory ( ) [virtual]
QString FormWindow::copy ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::currentToolChanged ( ) [virtual, slot]
virtual QWidget* FormWindow::currentWidget ( ) const [inline, virtual]
void FormWindow::deleteWidgets ( ) [virtual]
QWidget * FormWindow::designerWidget ( QObject o) const [virtual]
void FormWindow::editAdjustSize ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::editConnections ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::emitSelectionChanged ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::emitShowProperties ( QObject w = 0) [virtual]
void FormWindow::emitUpdateProperties ( QObject w) [virtual]
virtual QString FormWindow::fileName ( ) const [virtual]
void FormWindow::fileNameChanged ( const QString s,
FormWindow fw 
) [signal]
QAction * FormWindow::findAction ( const QString name)
void FormWindow::focusInEvent ( QFocusEvent ) [protected, virtual]

This event handler can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive keyboard focus events (focus received) for the widget.

A widget normally must setFocusPolicy() to something other than NoFocus in order to receive focus events. (Note that the application programmer can call setFocus() on any widget, even those that do not normally accept focus.)

The default implementation updates the widget (except for toplevel widgets that do not specify a focusPolicy() ). It also calls setMicroFocusHint(), hinting any system-specific input tools about the focus of the user's attention.

Ver también:
focusOutEvent(), setFocusPolicy(), keyPressEvent(), keyReleaseEvent(), event(), QFocusEvent

Reimplementado de QWidget.

void FormWindow::focusOutEvent ( QFocusEvent ) [protected, virtual]

This event handler can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive keyboard focus events (focus lost) for the widget.

A widget normally must setFocusPolicy() to something other than NoFocus in order to receive focus events. (Note that the application programmer can call setFocus() on any widget, even those that do not normally accept focus.)

The default implementation updates the widget (except for toplevel widgets that do not specify a focusPolicy() ). It also calls setMicroFocusHint(), hinting any system-specific input tools about the focus of the user's attention.

Ver también:
focusInEvent(), setFocusPolicy(), keyPressEvent(), keyReleaseEvent(), event(), QFocusEvent

Reimplementado de QWidget.

FormFile * FormWindow::formFile ( ) const
QPoint FormWindow::grid ( ) const [virtual]
QPoint FormWindow::gridPoint ( const QPoint p) [virtual]
void FormWindow::handleContextMenu ( QContextMenuEvent e,
QWidget w 
) [virtual]
void FormWindow::handleKeyPress ( QKeyEvent e,
QWidget w 
) [virtual]
void FormWindow::handleKeyRelease ( QKeyEvent e,
QWidget w 
) [virtual]
void FormWindow::handleMouseDblClick ( QMouseEvent e,
QWidget w 
) [virtual]
void FormWindow::handleMouseMove ( QMouseEvent e,
QWidget w 
) [virtual]
void FormWindow::handleMousePress ( QMouseEvent e,
QWidget w 
) [virtual]
void FormWindow::handleMouseRelease ( QMouseEvent e,
QWidget w 
) [virtual]
bool FormWindow::hasInsertedChildren ( QWidget w) const [virtual]
bool FormWindow::hasLayoutFunctions ( ) const
void FormWindow::hasLayoutFunctions ( bool  b)
DesignerFormWindow * FormWindow::iFace ( )
void FormWindow::init ( )
void FormWindow::initSlots ( )
void FormWindow::insertWidget ( QWidget w,
bool  checkName = FALSE 
) [virtual]
bool FormWindow::isCentralWidget ( QObject w) const
bool FormWindow::isCustomWidgetUsed ( MetaDataBase::CustomWidget w) [virtual]
bool FormWindow::isDatabaseAware ( ) const [virtual]
bool FormWindow::isDatabaseWidgetUsed ( ) const [virtual]
bool FormWindow::isFake ( ) const [inline]
bool FormWindow::isMainContainer ( QObject w) const
bool FormWindow::isPropertyShowingBlocked ( ) const
bool FormWindow::isWidgetSelected ( QObject w)
void FormWindow::killAccels ( QObject top)
int FormWindow::layoutDefaultMargin ( ) const
int FormWindow::layoutDefaultSpacing ( ) const
void FormWindow::layoutGrid ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::layoutGridContainer ( QWidget w) [virtual]
void FormWindow::layoutHorizontal ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::layoutHorizontalContainer ( QWidget w) [virtual]
void FormWindow::layoutHorizontalSplit ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::layoutVertical ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::layoutVerticalContainer ( QWidget w) [virtual]
void FormWindow::layoutVerticalSplit ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::lowerWidgets ( ) [virtual]
QWidget* FormWindow::mainContainer ( ) const [inline]
virtual MainWindow* FormWindow::mainWindow ( ) const [inline, virtual]
QPoint FormWindow::mapToForm ( const QWidget w,
const QPoint pos 
) const [virtual]

Maps pos in w's coordinates to the form's coordinate system.

This is the equivalent to mapFromGlobal(w->mapToGlobal(pos) ) but avoids the two roundtrips to the X-Server on Unix/X11.

QString FormWindow::marginFunction ( ) const
void FormWindow::modificationChanged ( bool  m) [virtual, slot]
void FormWindow::modificationChanged ( bool  m,
FormWindow fw 
) [signal]
void FormWindow::modificationChanged ( bool  m,
const QString s 
) [signal]
void FormWindow::mouseDoubleClickEvent ( QMouseEvent e) [inline, protected, virtual]

This event handler, for event e, can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive mouse double click events for the widget.

The default implementation generates a normal mouse press event.

Note that the widgets gets a mousePressEvent() and a mouseReleaseEvent() before the mouseDoubleClickEvent().

Ver también:
mousePressEvent(), mouseReleaseEvent() mouseMoveEvent(), event(), QMouseEvent

Reimplementado de QWidget.

int FormWindow::numSelectedWidgets ( ) const [virtual]
int FormWindow::numVisibleWidgets ( ) const [virtual]
void FormWindow::paintGrid ( QWidget w,
QPaintEvent e 
void FormWindow::paste ( const QString cb,
QWidget parent 
) [virtual]
QString FormWindow::pixmapLoaderFunction ( ) const
Project * FormWindow::project ( ) const
void FormWindow::raiseChildSelections ( QWidget w) [virtual]
void FormWindow::raiseSelection ( QWidget w) [virtual]
void FormWindow::raiseWidgets ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::redo ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::removeWidget ( QWidget w) [virtual]
void FormWindow::repaintSelection ( QWidget w) [virtual]
void FormWindow::resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent ) [protected, virtual]

This event handler can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive widget resize events. When resizeEvent() is called, the widget already has its new geometry. The old size is accessible through QResizeEvent::oldSize().

The widget will be erased and receive a paint event immediately after processing the resize event. No drawing need be (or should be) done inside this handler.

Widgets that have been created with the WNoAutoErase flag will not be erased. Nevertheless, they will receive a paint event for their entire area afterwards. Again, no drawing needs to be done inside this handler.

The default implementation calls updateMask() if the widget has automatic masking enabled.

Ver también:
moveEvent(), event(), resize(), QResizeEvent, paintEvent()

Reimplementado de QWidget.

bool FormWindow::savePixmapInline ( ) const
bool FormWindow::savePixmapInProject ( ) const
void FormWindow::selectAll ( ) [virtual]
QWidgetList FormWindow::selectedWidgets ( ) const [virtual]
void FormWindow::selectionChanged ( ) [signal]
void FormWindow::selectWidget ( QObject w,
bool  select = TRUE 
) [virtual]
void FormWindow::selectWidgets ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::setActiveObject ( QObject o)
void FormWindow::setFileName ( const QString fn) [virtual]
void FormWindow::setFormFile ( FormFile f)
void FormWindow::setLayoutDefaultMargin ( int  s)
void FormWindow::setLayoutDefaultSpacing ( int  s)
void FormWindow::setMainContainer ( QWidget w)
void FormWindow::setMainWindow ( MainWindow w) [virtual]
void FormWindow::setMarginFunction ( const QString func)
void FormWindow::setPixmapLoaderFunction ( const QString func)
void FormWindow::setProject ( Project pro)
void FormWindow::setPropertyShowingBlocked ( bool  b) [virtual]
void FormWindow::setSavePixmapInline ( bool  b)
void FormWindow::setSavePixmapInProject ( bool  b)
void FormWindow::setSpacingFunction ( const QString func)
void FormWindow::setToolFixed ( ) [inline]
void FormWindow::showProperties ( QObject w) [signal]
QLabel * FormWindow::sizePreview ( ) const [virtual]
QString FormWindow::spacingFunction ( ) const
void FormWindow::undo ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::undoRedoChanged ( bool  undoAvailable,
bool  redoAvailable,
const QString undoCmd,
const QString redoCmd 
) [signal]
bool FormWindow::unify ( QObject w,
QString s,
bool  changeIt 
) [virtual]
void FormWindow::updateChildSelections ( QWidget w) [virtual]
void FormWindow::updateProperties ( QObject w) [signal]
void FormWindow::updateSelection ( QWidget w) [virtual]
void FormWindow::updateUndoInfo ( ) [virtual]
void FormWindow::visibilityChanged ( ) [virtual, slot]
void FormWindow::widgetChanged ( QObject w) [virtual, slot]
QPtrDict< QWidget > * FormWindow::widgets ( ) [virtual]

Documentación de propiedades

QString FormWindow::fileName [read, write]

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