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Referencia del Archivo src/libxslt/libxslt/xslt.c
#include "libxslt.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <libxml/xmlmemory.h>
#include <libxml/parser.h>
#include <libxml/tree.h>
#include <libxml/valid.h>
#include <libxml/hash.h>
#include <libxml/uri.h>
#include <libxml/xmlerror.h>
#include <libxml/parserInternals.h>
#include <libxml/xpathInternals.h>
#include <libxml/xpath.h>
#include "xslt.h"
#include "xsltInternals.h"
#include "pattern.h"
#include "variables.h"
#include "namespaces.h"
#include "attributes.h"
#include "xsltutils.h"
#include "imports.h"
#include "keys.h"
#include "documents.h"
#include "extensions.h"
#include "preproc.h"
#include "extra.h"
#include "security.h"


#define IN_LIBXSLT
#define IS_BLANK(c)
#define IS_BLANK_NODE(n)   (((n)->type == XML_TEXT_NODE) && (xsltIsBlank((n)->content)))


double xmlXPathStringEvalNumber (const xmlChar *str)
void xsltInit (void)
void xsltUninit (void)
int xsltIsBlank (xmlChar *str)


const int xsltLibxsltVersion = LIBXSLT_VERSION
const int xsltLibxmlVersion = LIBXML_VERSION

: the decimal-format name to find

xsltDecimalFormatGetByName: : the XSLT stylesheet

Find decimal-format by name

Returns the xsltDecimalFormatPtr

#define CUR   (*cur)
#define SKIP(val)   cur += (val)
#define NXT(val)   cur[(val)]
#define SKIP_BLANKS   while (IS_BLANK(CUR)) NEXT
#define NEXT   ((*cur) ? cur++ : cur)
xsltDecimalFormatPtr xsltDecimalFormatGetByName (xsltStylesheetPtr style, xmlChar *name)
xsltStylesheetPtr xsltNewStylesheet (void)
int xsltAllocateExtra (xsltStylesheetPtr style)
int xsltAllocateExtraCtxt (xsltTransformContextPtr ctxt)
void xsltFreeStylesheet (xsltStylesheetPtr style)
void xsltParseStylesheetOutput (xsltStylesheetPtr style, xmlNodePtr cur)
void xsltParseTemplateContent (xsltStylesheetPtr style, xmlNodePtr templ)
xsltStylesheetPtr xsltParseStylesheetProcess (xsltStylesheetPtr ret, xmlDocPtr doc)
xsltStylesheetPtr xsltParseStylesheetImportedDoc (xmlDocPtr doc, xsltStylesheetPtr parentStyle)
xsltStylesheetPtr xsltParseStylesheetDoc (xmlDocPtr doc)
xsltStylesheetPtr xsltParseStylesheetFile (const xmlChar *filename)
xsltStylesheetPtr xsltLoadStylesheetPI (xmlDocPtr doc)

Documentación de los 'defines'

#define CUR   (*cur)
#define IN_LIBXSLT
#define IS_BLANK (   c)
(((c) == 0x20) || ((c) == 0x09) || ((c) == 0xA) ||      \
                     ((c) == 0x0D))
#define IS_BLANK_NODE (   n)    (((n)->type == XML_TEXT_NODE) && (xsltIsBlank((n)->content)))
#define NEXT   ((*cur) ? cur++ : cur)
#define NXT (   val)    cur[(val)]
#define SKIP (   val)    cur += (val)
#define SKIP_BLANKS   while (IS_BLANK(CUR)) NEXT

Documentación de las funciones

double xmlXPathStringEvalNumber ( const xmlChar str)
int xsltAllocateExtra ( xsltStylesheetPtr  style)

xsltAllocateExtra: : an XSLT stylesheet

Allocate an extra runtime information slot statically while compiling the stylesheet and return its number

Returns the number of the slot

int xsltAllocateExtraCtxt ( xsltTransformContextPtr  ctxt)

xsltAllocateExtraCtxt: : an XSLT transformation context

Allocate an extra runtime information slot at run-time and return its number This make sure there is a slot ready in the transformation context

Returns the number of the slot

xsltDecimalFormatPtr xsltDecimalFormatGetByName ( xsltStylesheetPtr  style,
xmlChar name 
void xsltFreeStylesheet ( xsltStylesheetPtr  style)

xsltFreeStylesheet: : an XSLT stylesheet

Free up the memory allocated by

void xsltInit ( void  )


Initializes the processor (e.g. registers built-in extensions, etc.)

int xsltIsBlank ( xmlChar str)

xsltIsBlank: : a string

Check if a string is ignorable

Returns 1 if the string is NULL or made of blanks chars, 0 otherwise

xsltStylesheetPtr xsltLoadStylesheetPI ( xmlDocPtr  doc)

xsltLoadStylesheetPI: : a document to process

This function tries to locate the stylesheet PI in the given document If found, and if contained within the document, it will extract that subtree to build the stylesheet to process (doc itself will be modified). If found but referencing an external document it will attempt to load it and generate a stylesheet from it. In both cases, the resulting stylesheet and the document need to be freed once the transformation is done.

Returns a new XSLT stylesheet structure or NULL if not found.

xsltStylesheetPtr xsltNewStylesheet ( void  )


Create a new XSLT Stylesheet

Returns the newly allocated xsltStylesheetPtr or NULL in case of error

xsltStylesheetPtr xsltParseStylesheetDoc ( xmlDocPtr  doc)

xsltParseStylesheetDoc: : and xmlDoc parsed XML

parse an XSLT stylesheet, building the associated structures. doc is kept as a reference within the returned stylesheet, so changes to doc after the parsing will be reflected when the stylesheet is applied, and the doc is automatically freed when the stylesheet is closed.

Returns a new XSLT stylesheet structure.

xsltStylesheetPtr xsltParseStylesheetFile ( const xmlChar filename)

xsltParseStylesheetFile: : the filename/URL to the stylesheet

Load and parse an XSLT stylesheet

Returns a new XSLT stylesheet structure.

xsltStylesheetPtr xsltParseStylesheetImportedDoc ( xmlDocPtr  doc,
xsltStylesheetPtr  parentStyle 

xsltParseStylesheetImportedDoc: : an xmlDoc parsed XML : pointer to the parent stylesheet (if it exists)

parse an XSLT stylesheet building the associated structures except the processing not needed for imported documents.

Returns a new XSLT stylesheet structure.

void xsltParseStylesheetOutput ( xsltStylesheetPtr  style,
xmlNodePtr  cur 

xsltParseStylesheetOutput: : the XSLT stylesheet : the "output" element

parse an XSLT stylesheet output element and record information related to the stylesheet output

xsltStylesheetPtr xsltParseStylesheetProcess ( xsltStylesheetPtr  ret,
xmlDocPtr  doc 

xsltParseStylesheetProcess: : the XSLT stylesheet (the current stylesheet-level) : and xmlDoc parsed XML

Parses an XSLT stylesheet, adding the associated structures. Called by: xsltParseStylesheetImportedDoc() (xslt.c) xsltParseStylesheetInclude() (imports.c)

Returns the value of the parameter if everything went right, NULL if something went amiss.

void xsltParseTemplateContent ( xsltStylesheetPtr  style,
xmlNodePtr  templ 

xsltParseTemplateContent: : the XSLT stylesheet : the container node (can be a document for literal results)

parse a template content-model Clean-up the template content from unwanted ignorable blank nodes and process xslt:text

void xsltUninit ( void  )


Uninitializes the processor.

Documentación de las variables

const int xsltLibxmlVersion = LIBXML_VERSION
const int xsltLibxsltVersion = LIBXSLT_VERSION
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